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Australians appear to be some of the most avid online shoppers in the globe, with over two thirds of users making an online purchase every month! It’s actually not that hard to believe really. The shopping world continues to be even more accessible than ever, there’s more to chose from, there are lengthier and more frequent sale periods and with competitive shipping costs (alot of the time free...

Gift Shopping

June 05, 2012

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As we re-launch into our lavishly new creative and unique website, I thought it was time to write, reflect and most importantly introduce one of our newest and exciting services that is Personal Gift Shopping. The service being offered is simply to put the stress, zero time and zero patience you have, and to turn that into my exciting challenge.

My fascination with ‘gifting’ stemmed fr...

Personal Style

April 17, 2012

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When it comes to personal style, each are well and truly to their own. It is a reflection on personality, self awareness and conveying that through choice of clothing and accessories. Climate, budget and a person’s whereabouts play as the major factors of ones styling decisions. It’s a subjective form. Who are we to judge and say what is right or what is wrong?

We take inspiration from...

Colour Coding

March 29, 2012

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When it comes to fashion, colour is our best weapon. With winter fast approaching, we look to what colours are going to be seen and how we can wear them according to our own colour groups.

You may feel the need to wear what you think is on trend, but be mindful of that fact that the wrong hue can give you a pale, washed-out appearance. Wear a flattering shade so your skin (and appearanc...

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This season will see the return of the swinging sixties. From retro and classic pieces to edgy prints and bold colours, let your imagination run free and get creative with your styling. People are now after a more unique and independent mix of fashion and flair than what the norm has to offer. Something that allows you’re creativity to soar and in a way that represents your individuality and ex...

Bootie Call

March 12, 2012

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Lace up, strap in, buckle up and hold on. While the other side of the world is busy storing up and vacuum-packing their winter woollies away for another year, here in Brisbane we’re getting ready for another instalment of ‘A winter that kinda really isn’t one’. I’m embracing this climate 100% though. Let’s take advantage of this seasons trending, as Brisbane’s winter weather is the perfect time...

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It might seem ludicrous to think about Fall trends while we are amidst the semi-blistering Aussie Summer – however I assure you, winter clothes will be in stores soon enough and you must be prepared.

The Fall 2011 shows revived some of my favourite trends in an exceptionally innovative – dare I say – fashion.

Of these trends, I’m going to share with you my favourites,...

Jeepers 'Creepers'

May 12, 2011

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Is it boy leg underwear? A tight fitting mini? Or maybe the crotch of a pair of hosiery determined to make its way to your knees before lunch. Clothes that creep (up, or down) aren’t exactly what’s been sending the fashion industry into a frenzy of late. The popularity of the so-called Creeper (it’s a style of shoe) quite conveniently ‘crept’ up on us whilst we were busy obsessing over McQueen’...

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1. Review your wardrobe every three months
Our taste changes, our bodies change, our lifestyle changes, so let your wardrobe reflect on what's going on in your life too
2. Take a fashion list next time you hit the shops
Just like food shopping, your fashion list should include only the items you need in your wardrobe, take control on what you will really wear.
3. Don't r...

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While Australian style is synonymous with relaxed, honest, easy-to wear garments that offer functionality as much as aesthetic appeal – especially in our sweltering summers- the trend for casual bungalow luxe is growing on the international stage and rivalling the prevailing youthful grunge effect.

With most Australians immediately thinking of singlets and board-shorts for summer frivol...