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id couture's Blog

id couture's Blog

Relaxed Polo Style

September 24, 2012

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Everything’s relaxed at Polo, there is still glamour but what is most evident is the signature effortless styling for all.

It’s Spring so play with pastels, crisp whites and prints. Think outfits you see Ralph Lauren put together or that cool and classic country club look.

Beginning with footwear, remember you will be in a ‘paddock’ of sorts. Even though you may be a guest in a ‘...

Spring Racing Fashion

September 17, 2012

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What better way to celebrate Spring than a day at the races! Good company, amazing fashion, and delicious food and drinks.

What we’ve noticed on the runway for women, are bright outfits (patterns and pastels) and extraordinary head pieces. In contrast there have been many versions of women’s suits also on the runway, a new and exciting take on women’s race wear.

When putting toge...

Spring Trends

September 10, 2012

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Waking up to sunshine leaking through your window, having to take off your jacket in the middle of the day – yes, Spring is at our fingertips!

Being a fashion stylist, a new season brings excitement and new trends to explore.

What we’re seeing that both guys and girls can utilise this spring is colour! After seasons of blacks and greys the time is here to experiment and have fun...

Festy Men

August 27, 2012

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You might ask, what are festy men? Here at id couture, we’re all about fashion for not only women but also men, and as it’s Father’s day on Sunday and Red Deer festival on Saturday we’ve decided to focus on men’s fashion this week and also their sense of festy (festive) style.

It’s the first day of spring but winter is still looming, you want to be comfortable, warm but also festy, so wh...

Ink = Fashion

August 21, 2012

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Growing up in a generation where tattoos are acceptable to your peers but not so much to your parents can be tough. Trying to express individuality and fit into a fashion world at the same time can be just as challenging. But what if we were to tell you that we think tattoos are fashion? Society may or may not have approved of inked skin fifty years ago but today’s generation is embracing ink m...

The Olympic Effect

August 02, 2012

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We must be all feeling rather sporty at the moment with the 2012 London Olympic Games in full swing. It’s been impressive to watch but it’s been even more impressive by seeing the world on display, not only representing their own countries but showcasing the origin of international designers.

Australia had the opening ceremony uniforms designed by Sportscraft worn with Volley’s and had...

Wedding Fever

July 16, 2012

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I’m not sure if it’s that time of year or if it is something in the water, either way it is certainly wedding mayhem at the moment. I really can’t work it out. I can easily count the amount of engagements and weddings on both hands! Including our very own Lead stylist and Director of ID Couture, getting engaged on her current trip to Europe!

There are so many common links between both th...

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Australians appear to be some of the most avid online shoppers in the globe, with over two thirds of users making an online purchase every month! It’s actually not that hard to believe really. The shopping world continues to be even more accessible than ever, there’s more to chose from, there are lengthier and more frequent sale periods and with competitive shipping costs (alot of the time free...

Gift Shopping

June 05, 2012

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As we re-launch into our lavishly new creative and unique website, I thought it was time to write, reflect and most importantly introduce one of our newest and exciting services that is Personal Gift Shopping. The service being offered is simply to put the stress, zero time and zero patience you have, and to turn that into my exciting challenge.

My fascination with ‘gifting’ stemmed fr...

Personal Style

April 17, 2012

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When it comes to personal style, each are well and truly to their own. It is a reflection on personality, self awareness and conveying that through choice of clothing and accessories. Climate, budget and a person’s whereabouts play as the major factors of ones styling decisions. It’s a subjective form. Who are we to judge and say what is right or what is wrong?

We take inspiration from...