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MBFFS Men are my BFFs

August 22, 2011

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Big beautiful silk prints and gorgeous flowing frocks with magnificent detailing are all top picks when thinking MBFFS collections for spring/summer – and while you may be right; falling into the ‘womenswear trap' is a common mistake for young players, and despite its magnetic-like pull on the punters, it really only offers half of the story.

Beguiling and mesmerising are two words that...

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Crudely moving in and making herself at home, Winter - like ‘those’ relatives we only see once a year - has been a lesson in tolerance as she always seems to be. And, yes, while winter does bring with her beautiful fashion in the form of my favourite leather jacket; it’s no secret we have a love-hate relationship.

This morning, while gearing myself up for the automatic grumbling about ho...

Surviving the Sales

July 18, 2011

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If you’re anything like me, you have many happy places - be it a serene mental place when everything around you is getting too crazy, a familiar environment that sparks a whiff of nostalgic memories or an activity that arouses the unmistakeable warmth of happiness. Over time, I have come to realize where and what my happy places are. For instance, when I close my eyes and see the smile of my gr...

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You know that iconic scene from Independence Day, when the massive UFO’s dramatically descend down all over Earth from the monolithic Mothership strategically planning the invasion from the outer spheres? Within hours the world was on the brink of a full blown take-over. Now, be it life imitating art or not, but the world is once again on the brink of takeover –only this time by the Spanish Ret...

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As the temperature drops in Queensland we don’t huddle around open fires drinking mulled wine and roasting chestnuts – quite the opposite... we get equestrian fever!

With winter races in full swing many Queenslanders are donning their best to head out to the track and cheer home their favourite champion to a win, revelling in all the spoils and heartache the racetrack has to offer. Don’t...

Lessons in Geometry

June 27, 2011

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As a stylist, I find the first question the majority of women are dying to ask is ‘So, what body shape am I?’. For a professional, it usually is a pretty quick task to translate someone’s visual proportions into a category. Knowing your body shape, however, is still only half the equation; and regardless of whether you’re petite or curvy, unless you know how to dress your body shape properly yo...

Corporate Style

June 06, 2011

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Everyone wants to make the best impression, especially in the fiercely competitive business world where folk garner favour with clients and employers trading on their highly specialised skills and experience wealth. Most, however, forget their appearance is often the first communication they send. Initially, appearances swiftly tell others a lot more about who they are and the level of care the...

Jeepers 'Creepers'

May 12, 2011

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Is it boy leg underwear? A tight fitting mini? Or maybe the crotch of a pair of hosiery determined to make its way to your knees before lunch. Clothes that creep (up, or down) aren’t exactly what’s been sending the fashion industry into a frenzy of late. The popularity of the so-called Creeper (it’s a style of shoe) quite conveniently ‘crept’ up on us whilst we were busy obsessing over McQueen’...

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1. Review your wardrobe every three months
Our taste changes, our bodies change, our lifestyle changes, so let your wardrobe reflect on what's going on in your life too
2. Take a fashion list next time you hit the shops
Just like food shopping, your fashion list should include only the items you need in your wardrobe, take control on what you will really wear.
3. Don't r...

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It’s official. The career of outlandishly outspoken British fashion designer John Galliano has taken another fresh turn for the worse with news that he has been sacked by his own label.

His ejection from his eponymous brand has come six weeks after he was removed as creative director of Christian Dior for alleged anti-Semitic remarks during a imprudent row in a Paris cafe.