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For all those dedicated followers of the idc blog, you would remember not too recently I was touting the beauty and prowess of the Polo and how it was the neuvo races.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m standing strong by this but with everything there is always the exception to the rule – and that, without a doubt, is the Melbourne Cup. From Perth to Brisbane, offices to workshops, infamously the nation stops every year for this iconic race- toasting the winners and gloating over the runners-up.

What is no secret either is that while the day stops for the race, it’s indeed the fashions on the field that are starting to steal the scene and the main reason why a lot of punters are hitting the track.

With this in mind, no annual dates require so much forethought and planning regarding stylistic pursuits so it’s just important to remember whatever your style quest this racing season, Melbourne Cup this year will be showcasing colour and classic styles which offers a host of gorgeous options for the season.

As all our devoted followers of team idc clearly know, colour blocking is slathered everywhere at the moment and being a major trend for the SS|2011 season it will be key for this spring racing season. Black and white is, albeit conservative, always acceptable and glamorously chic – particularly on Derby Day where the colour scheme is near mandatory. Be warned, colour on Derby Day is as vulgar as vulgar gets. Nudes and pastel tones will also exude fresh, youthful elegance and will be stay on to be loyal wardrobe staples for many seasons to come.

To our surprise, we saw the perennially glamorous Megan Gale sport a hot-pink pantsuit, no less, at Caulfield Cup this year but in idc's opinion, a dress always trumps a pantsuit, especially if you don’t have inner confidence. Many classic style dresses are rife at the moment, from colourful maxi’s to strapless and capped sleeve cocktail style frocks to cinched-waist glamour numbers and white shift dresses are everywhere begging to be dressed up with the right shoe, bag and head piece.

idc also has it on good authority that renowned international milliner Phillip Tracey (also the creator of 36 head pieces at William and Kate’s Royal Wedding) has been invited to the Spring Racing Carnival as a style expert this year. Word on the millinery street is that fascinators are long gone in terms of style and idc encourages everyone to get creative with headgear with more full, voluminous pieces. Hats for guys are also always a great option too.

Remember to dress for your body shape and to keep it balanced - accessorise minimally if you have a statement dress and inversely, if you opt for something simple and classic, this is where you can play up with statement shoes and jewellery and an eye-catching headpiece.
The beautiful thing about this spring racing season is that any colour you can think of will be acceptable as colour-blocking leads the racing trends so don’t even worry about matching everything so now is the time to have fun with clashing colour - provided it is still complementary to your skin complexion.

Lastly, when it comes to dressing for Spring Racing we all know everyone is looking to make a statement as glamour and fashion is such a native component of the sport and, in turn, idc urges all Philly’s and Colt’s this racing season though that making a statement isn’t necessarily wearing what magazines and prolific retailers are showcasing, it is still of the utmost importance to dress for your body shape and skin tone. It’s still all about enhancing your best features and still feeling comfortable and confident in what you are wearing.

idc specializes in teaching you how to dress for your unique body shape, select the most flattering colours and hues for your skin tone... not to mention those highly coveted style tips to save you the anxiety of what to wear and exactly how to wear it!

Happy Racing from the idc Fashion Styling Team! xx

Images courtesy of melbournecup.com

Fabulous Phillys and Cool Colts


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