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It’s no secret lingerie has always oozed outward luxury, lavishness, sensuality and feminine delicacy; differentiating the former from the conventional set of demure under-garments and with this post-modern eras preoccupation with the ‘body beautiful’ and overt, municipal sexualisation, Lingerie trends for summer 2011 are hotter and more risqué than ever, resulting in very chic and raunchy styles for every woman this season.

While we cannot deny the fact women of this era want to be classy in every aspect of their lives, there is a key developing movement of feminine sexual liberation and lingerie serves as a crucial element signifying the unique empowerment of each and every individual woman’s wardrobe. Through thorough research, a cultivated understanding of the psyche of this modern woman has risen; and resultantly the market of intimate apparel has started revolving around the world at the speed of major mainstream trends and idc Fashion Styling fervently believes that now, more than ever, lingerie has finally become a vital part of women’s wardrobe.

And rightly so – as lingerie contains the mutually simultaneous ability to gratify and stimulate not only the observer, but the wearer as well.

Considering lingerie in Spring|Summer 2011, current emerging trends seem to be obsessed with modernist, technical-advanced, airy and softly polished fabrics gilded with laces, frills, delicate prints and chic, conservative colours to exaggerate the romanticism from which lingerie was born, but idc insists nothing can be like, or eclipse, black lingerie (regardless of style) as it offers the enhanced level of class and sexuality. Black lingerie also not only enhances the boldness and eroticised confidence of a woman, if coupled with pin-up stockings, or a lace/mesh teddy, it will assuredly make the irresistibility level and the Fahrenheit rise. This year, along with regular fashion trends, animal prints have also been considered on trend; highlighting the instinctual, primitive wild-side of a women and a faded leopard print with black satin trims has been on the top of my list.

Style wise, new lingerie trends abound. Lingerie for your feet, introduced by the glorious Victoria’s Secrets indicates it’s time this unconventional erogenous zone got some attention with these fun little lace beauties adorning your feet with precious bows and satin ribbon. Another trend that has been catching idc's eye recently are the high panties that give you added shape and instant curves. Once again, look for Silks and laces as these are the foundation of femininity, elegance and sensuality.

Of course, if you’ve got it flaunt it, but there are still a lot of women who have a body-complex with the belief their body is out of shape or disproportionate and they feel really uncomfortable, nay I say undeserving, of wearing swanky lingerie. For such women, idc goes back to body shapes and learning how to dress you’re best features and we promise there is lingerie available to make you feel comfortable, sexy and slimmer and this is what we will cover on idc’s next blog – lingerie for your specific body shape.

Stay Tuned.

In the meantime though, idcis in love with and urges everyone to visit their site and check out their collections – some of which are exclusive to them in Australia. delivers gorgeous lingerie and is our pick to transform the Australian undergarment landscape. Are you ready for the revolution?

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