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One thing that women of all shapes and sizes have in common is that the lingerie they choose to purchase must make them feel wonderful about themselves. From the most fine and petite frames to the biggest, boldest, beautiful body; lingerie was designed to make a woman feel sexy, sensual, desirable but most significantly, above all else, special. We all know that when your special ‘someone’ turns off the sports channel because he couldn’t help but notice you in your gorgeous lingerie, it’s not only a coup-a-la-lingerie, but a simultaneous ego-boost.

Women of today’s modernity regard as lingerie as an ever-increasingly, nay essential, important part of their wardrobe component. With online shopping, access to a vast selection of product has made it easier than before to find something you’re absolutely in love with, and hence has opened up a whole new world for finding lingerie that suits your body shape, is sexy, exotic and, to a lesser degree, remains comfortable to wear – if that’s what you’re into.

While the options have increased, so has the confusion. With this in mind, idc Fashion Styling has decided to share with you a few simple tips to bear in mind when shopping for lingerie so you will always look wonderful and feel great rather than a chocolate éclair stuffed into a stocking or an adolescent boy experimenting with cross-dressing.

Even though all women (and men, may I add) are beautiful, there are those times when you just need a little nudge to make you sparkle from the inside out, and lingerie, my dears, can do that. Fashion and the body have always been inextricably linked and we all know they go together like peaches and cream – or Victor & Rolf for that fact. But ladies, let’s not kid ourselves, choosing the right lingerie for you may take a bit of practice and perseverance, however, since there is such a tremendous range of styles available idc is sure you’ll find something that makes you look as fantastic as you feel.

Picking Classic, Sexy Lingerie
On the market today, the majority of women can wear reds, whites and blacks. Blondes naturally look beautiful in pastels while brunettes need the stronger colours like sapphire blue or emerald green to balance out their contrast, while gorgeous, fiery redheads look fantastic in green, blues and earth tones. Satin, lace, silk, leather and velvet are just a few of the most popular materials available and obviously remember when choosing a sheer material - it is always going to be more revealing.

Sexy Lingerie and Your Body Type
There is no mistaking it, you need to feel comfortable with your own body before you can feel totally at ease with yourself. Emphasizing the correct body parts, which is not necessarily showing more skin or covering up ‘problem areas’, will make you feel appealing and desirable. Use idc's body shaping to understand where to pull the garment’s focus to always accentuate your positive features and play down or understate the not so positive. Basically, if your body shape is straight – with bust, waist and hips almost the same choose a style that will drape over your figure and stay away from tight fitting lingerie. If you are curvier – look for more structured garments. If you are a pear shape, look for detail in the bra (such as pearls, lace, ruching, ribbons etc) to bring the eye up and balance out your lower, curvier proportions. Pears should also look for lingerie tops and bottoms that are sold separately so they can buy the right size for their torso and the right size their hips as tops and bottoms are rarely the same size in pear-shaped women.

At the end of the day though, lingerie fit is just as important as the way it looks. Nobody wants to feel like they are wearing the wrong size and constantly adjusting the lingerie in all the wrong places.

What Not to Wear
There is no doubt that beautiful lingerie and indulging yourself go together. Think lingerie, pearls, diamonds, champagne, caviar, private jets and beds lined with silk hundred dollar bills. While hand-washing wasn’t part of that previous equation, keeping your lingerie in good condition and properly cared for is just as important as feeling good in it, and proper care of your lingerie will extend its life and keep help you feeling fierce and sexy time and time again – and even though most of the lingerie we wear is not seen by Joe Schmoe on the street, it still has a massive affect on the way we look and the way our clothes fit. Great underwear truly is the foundation of every great outfit.

idc has said from day one that looking fantastic makes us feel beautiful; and here are a few quick lingerie tips to make you feel more fabulous than ever:

1. Make sure your lingerie isn’t worn-out, ripped or, heaven forbid, the wrong size.

2. G-Strings or specially designed seamless briefs under tight fitting skirts and pants will prevent VPL or visible panty lines from stealing the show.

3. Legs look sexy and slimmer in black nylons. They also feel make you feel incredibly sexy. Win Win ladies!

4. Light colors make your legs appear more natural but have the potential to make your legs look heavier than they are.

5. On a side note – full footed stockings are NOT, under ANY circumstances, to be worn with open toe shoes. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever.

5. A one-piece body suit does a great job of hiding any bulges and makes you look slimmer – especially if you can find one with specifically
designed panels.

6. Always, and this can’t be stressed enough, wear a bra that fits correctly. Get fitted, and take notes. Also, if you put on weight or loose it, usually your bust is one of the first places affected and it’s important to be re-fitted on a regular basis to ensure you have the best fitting bra on. An ill fitting bra not only looks bad, but they feel uncomfortable (or so I hear) and over time cause chronic physical damage to the body.

7. Lingerie almost always needs jewellery- layer on the bling with Diamonds, Diamantes, Pearls and sophisticated costume jewellery.

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Lingerie 101


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