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It’s clearly no news that air travel just isn’t what it used to be. Long gone are the glamour days of being greeted by fabulous models/actresses/air hostesses with little pill box hats and silk scarfs as you carried on over-sized bags of beauty products and the extra ten outfits that you think might come in handy (but in reality simply served as sparkly comfort blankets). Modern day flight, however, is geared towards tighter security restrictions and luggage limits; forcing us to critically - and mercilessly - think about what to take away and what to leave behind.

This week idc looks at how to travel light for the summer holidays while still managing to look fabulous and put together a fabulous look every day of your vacation. The solution lies simply in firstly knowing your carriers in-flight rules and regulations (which are often found on their website), secondly, remember to respect and pack according to your destination’s culture and social needs or expectations, and lastly, the key is to create a ‘capsule’ collection of clothing and accessories for your holiday.

Be In The Know.
Carrier in-flight rules and regulations catch people out all the time, mainly because they seem to change on a regular basis and vary from carrier to carrier and flight to flight. To get through security quickly, check your chosen carrier’s website before packing to be sure you’re in full compliance – otherwise it could turn out to be a very slow and unenjoyable experience. If you are travelling internationally then you’ll also be subject to international restrictions and policies so it’s very important to understand what you are packing and what customs checks will need to be cleared. It’s vitally important to understand what’s legal and illegal to bring into a foreign country or back into your own.

Comfort & Style
When checking in, make sure you have shoes that slide on and off easily for quick security clearance. A simple cardigan or blazer will also help keep you warm and is easy to remove when seated in the air. Obviously, keep your carry-on luggage to a bag that you can easily pick up, carry and stash on your own. It’s best to be checking in everything but a simple laptop tote with a laptop/ipad, small purse/wallet, a book and, of course, your important travel docs. A bag of this modest size fits easily under the seat in front of you, enables you to swiftly clear security checks (so you can beat the rush and head to the flight lounge for a pre-flight bevy) and most importantly, there’s no more chance of having to check in your bags at the boarding gate because all the overhead bins are too full, if not precariously overflowing. Plus, with a smaller, more managable bag you'll look and feel more chic not lumping around all that extra, unnecessary weight. Lastly, if you’ve chosen to stay at a resort, you will need to inquire about their dress codes for different activities and events - noting that many countries also have specific dress codes for entering religious attractions.

Creating a Capsule Collection
The best way to pack for a holiday is to pack your clothing and accessories in a ‘capsule’ style. What idc means by this is simply packing clothes that all work together - you should be able to pack four tops and four bottoms (pants, shorts and skirts) and come out with 16 different outfits. idc has found staying with a consistent colour scheme is the key– by no means does that mean that the colours you pack have to be all the same, but they should simply and effortlessly work well together. Your jacket or sweater should be versatile enough to throw over a dressy outfit if it gets chilly or wear to a long boozy resort lunch. One set of casual shoes and one pair of dressy shoes should be all you need, one shoulder bag, one clutch, and again, their style should be time and occasion flexible. Finaly, ensure you pack some jewellery and accessories to dress up and change the looks in your capsule collection – idc suggests looking for luxe costume pieces that become focal points rather than subtle pieces.

If you’re still lost though with what to pack, and the departure date is fast approaching or you just want help on how to build capsule collections for your upcoming holidays contact us here at idc Fashion Styling to schedule an appointment.

Bon Voyage.

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Travelling in Style
Travelling in Style


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